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Montessori Wooden Medical Kit

Montessori Wooden Medical Kit

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Material: Wood

Recommend Age: 1-6y

Introducing our Montessori Wooden Medical Kit – a thoughtfully crafted set designed to bring the world of healthcare to life for your little one. With an emphasis on both realism and safety, this medical kit encourages immersive role-play, providing endless opportunities for learning and imaginative exploration.

Easy Storage and Portability: The set comes complete with a convenient storage bag, promoting tidiness and instilling the valuable habit of keeping toys organized. This makes it effortless for your child to carry their medical kit, ensuring that the fun and learning can go wherever they do.

Realistic Doctor Role-Play: Let your child step into the shoes of a caring doctor with our realistic medical kit. The movable syringe, lifelike stethoscope, and even a set of removable decayed teeth create an immersive experience. Through imaginative role-play, children not only overcome fears but also learn valuable social skills and enhance their relationship with parents.

Accessories Galore: Packed with an array of accessories, including a stethoscope, ointment, medicine tank, pills, dental mold, pliers, a scissor, hammer, toothbrush, syringe, and a blood pressure meter, this kit ensures a comprehensive and engaging play experience.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted from solid wood, our medical kit boasts round edges to ensure safety during play. Non-toxic paint adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while your child explores the fascinating world of healthcare. This wooden doctor kit is specifically designed for toddlers aged 1-6, offering both durability and a safe play environment.


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