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3D Wooden TETRIS

3D Wooden TETRIS

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Unleash the power of creativity and problem-solving with our Puzzle Colorful Wooden Tangram - an engaging educational toy designed to captivate the minds of restless children. This dynamic learning and play experience go beyond the conventional, offering a fun challenge that stimulates cognitive development.

Product Description:

Dive into the world of spatial reasoning and creativity as you pour out the vibrant wooden blocks from the disk. Now, the real brain workout begins – race against the clock to skillfully fit each block back onto the board. Leave no block behind, and keep challenging yourself to beat your own record with each attempt. Feeling competitive? Engage in friendly competitions with others to see who can conquer the tangram puzzle in the shortest time or with the fewest blocks remaining outside the disk.


  • Inventive Patterns: The Puzzle Colorful Wooden Tangram encourages creativity by offering various patterns to be constructed. But why stop there? Let your imagination run wild and invent new ways to play, unlocking limitless possibilities for entertainment and learning.


  • Tetris-inspired Challenge: Embrace the Tetris-inspired challenge by pouring out geometric building blocks of diverse shapes from the box. The objective? Thoughtfully fit each piece back into the box, or experiment with creating diverse patterns. Feel free to invent and explore additional gameplay methods, ensuring that every playtime session is a unique adventure.

With the Puzzle Colorful Wooden Tangram, learning becomes a joyous journey filled with discovery and friendly competition. Watch as your child's eyes light up with excitement, realizing that education can be as entertaining as it is enriching. This tangram puzzle is not just a game – it's an interactive exploration of shapes, patterns, and the boundless potential of the young mind.


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